Sharing regional Cemetery information with everyone...


Manawatu-Wanganui Local Authority Shared Services Ltd (MW LASS) was created in 2008 to provide a platform on which collaborative projects could be based between the eight councils in the Horizons Region. Under MW LASS a number of projects have been initiated with two objectives, firstly, improved service to all the participating councils and secondly, reduced costs. Archives Central is one of these projects.

Three members from different councils within the region are currently collaborating on the design and development of a pilot project for proof of concept utilising the semantic web. The main objective of the pilot is to submit a single query through a federated ontology that matches common data elements within individual Council ontologies that will access two Council's individual dissimilar datasets. Guidance for the implementation of the pilot project has been based on several standards and best practice.

To date, a regional Linked Open Data infrastructure has been built with the following capabilities that are currently being developed and tested:

  • Transform data extracted from two heterogeneous databases into RDF. This will generate links for data attributes and values using URIs.
  • Utilise ontologies representing individual council's data which are presently being built. A federated ontology is also required to match common data elements between each council's ontologies. In the near future a harmonized cemetery model is likely to eventuate.
  • Resolve URI's for both concepts and real-world objects on the web (e.g., documents).
  • Deliver an application to generate queries (SPARQL v1.1) and display results (including spatially capability).
  • Access tools for data management and discovery.



The interoperable cemetery data pilot project is in development and due to be completed mid-April 2014